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Randy Kalsi

Pop Music Producer South West London

Are you a songwriter or artist with a passion for creating music? Do you have some great song ideas but lack the knowledge or the time to produce these songs to a commercial standard?

Demos don't cut it anymore, every industry professional is looking for high quality, mastered songs which they can quickly license or release and move on to the next project. They don't have the time or resources to wait around listening to unfinished music. Put your best foot forward, showcase your talent and maximise your chances of success!

I can help you finish your song ideas by creating high quality, professional songs ready for release, sync placements and other opportunities. We are now living in a world that favors the independent artist and songwriter. The internet has blown the playing field wide open and independent artists previously unknown to the world are getting their songs placed on major tv shows with big budgets attached - not to mention the free exposure for having those songs placed.


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Capturing the best possible sound at the source is the most crucial process to getting a professional result. There is a specific process in getting the rich, warm, polished vocals you hear in most pop music productions...

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Recording is just one part of creating professional sounding vocals. The editing process is a crucial one. It begins by "comping" together the best performance parts of all your vocal takes. The next step...

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Song Production

Have you written a song on piano or guitar and need to have it produced professionally? It's an amazing time for independent artists - the internet has blown the industry wide open and independent creators are having huge success without the need for a label...

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Using EQ, compression, saturation & reverb amongst other more complex tasks, the art of mixing brings your song to life - it gives clarity, warmth and depth...It will sound expensive and polished and will take your tracks to industry quality...

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Robert Copeland

Randy has and continues to be an invaluable and creative colleague and collaborator. Whether for technical expertise, musicianship or as an overall product source, he always provides professional product and assistance to others. I am very fortunate, indeed, to work with such a dedicated and tenacious person as Randy.

Derek Sallmann

Hi I’m Derek, I recently worked on a track with Randy and I have to say I am very pleased with how the track turned out. He was very prompt with emailing back and forth. He is always very professional in giving his all for putting in new ideas and making the song even better. I would highly recommend you working with him on your next project and give him a call!

Are you in search of an experienced Pop Music Producer South West London? Well you’ve come to the right place! Hire Pop Music producer in London, Randy Kalsi who will provide you with high quality custom music that stands out from the crowd. Music Producer South London – Randy Kalsi provides a one stop music production and mixing service, providing the full package, whether you need to finish a current project or start from scratch…you are sure to end up with professional sounding, polished songs!